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Shopping-Fun – Romania – Visit Timisoara and shopping centers!


Timisoara is only about 150 km from Belgrade and due to its proximity, it is an attractive destination for trips, shopping and entertainment.


Timisoara is the largest city of Banat and the fourth largest city in Romania, located on the river Begej and it is seat of the Tamis county. The city is known as the cultural, educational and commercial center of western Romania, as well as the biggest cultural and historical center of the Serbs in Romania, where there are many cultural institutions that make them closer, like the Timisoara Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Union of Serbs in Romania.


The city is called “Little Vienna”, as it was under the Habsburgs for a very long time, and the center of its architecture and ambience reminiscent of the old part of Vienna. One of the most interesting things that is tied to Timisoara, it that it was the first European town to get electric lighting, and some of the buildings is personally designed by the famous Frenchman Gustave Eiffel.


Besides being a tourist and city, Timisoara is a university center, and offers plenty of places to go out and party.


During the day, the best places to go are the cafes and restaurants, of which there are over 70 in the central parts of the city, and most of the three main squares of Timisoara (Unification Square, Victory Square and Freedom Square). They are a great place for refreshments and rest after visiting the city and its attractions. If the weather is sunny, you can enjoy the open gardens of these restaurants.


If you like nightlife, there are lot of nightclubs and discos with good atmosphere until the early morning hours. The most popular clubs are River Deck, Fratelli, Heaven, Daos Club, 48h, Made in TM and Cuib d’Arte.


Accommodation prices are favorable, and spending the night in a decent hotel can be found for about EUR 20.


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