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Belgrade – Parndorf, Austria

Our recommended route to Parndorf outlets in Austria is: Belgrade - Novi Sad - Szeged - Budapest - Gyor - Parndorf. The total length of the road is 570 km, and all the time you move through the highway. 

The toll from Belgrade to the border with Hungary is RSD 570. After entering Hungary through the border crossing Horgos, immediately on the right side, there is a store where you can buy a vignette for Hungary and Austria, and the price for 7 days is about EUR 18,50 (for motorcycles and cars up to 3.5 t), for both countries.

Controls are in Austria and Hungary fairly common, even when it comes to just a few hundred meters of the highway. Without a valid sticker, the penalties can be very high. If you are caught without a vignette control, punishment and payment on the spot is EUR 120. It is necessary to immediately pay by cash, credit or debit cards. If the driver does not want to or cannot immediately pay, the case goes to court, which then determines a fine ranging from EUR 300 to 3,000. 

If there is no lengthy delays at the border, you need about 5 and a half hours' drive to your Parndorf shopping destinations, with respect to any restrictions.

Enjoy your shopping!

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