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If, after a long shopping day in Parndorf outlets, you want to rest/sleep and have fun, we suggest two destinations - Bratislava and Vienna.

At only 30 km from Parndorf, is the capital of the Slovak Republic - Bratislava, where you can stay overnight in a very decent hotel in the city center, for EUR 20-25 per person, with early booking. Bratislava is a delightful and peaceful town on the bank of the Danube River, full of restaurants, cafes, pubs and night clubs, which are located in the center of town and work until the early morning hours. You should also visit the city fortress and interesting old town.

If you decide in advance to Bratislava, we also recommend to buy a vignette for Slovakia, when entering Hungary, which is about EUR 10 for one week.
Shopping & fun - Austrija - Bratislava

Another option is to go to Vienna, which is about 50 km from Parndorf. Vienna is a city that is worth visiting and if Pandorf is going to be organized as a side activity and your primary goal is trip to the capital of Austria, you will not regret it.

Like Bratislava, Vienna offers a variety of entertainment and other interesting attractions - restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, etc. In relation to Bratislava, accommodation prices are twice as high for hotels of the same category and the same positions in the city center. In city center you can find shops with brands that are not present in Pandorf outlets such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, H&M and others.

Shopping & fun - Austrija - Bec

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